No one likes rotten fruit right?

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Matthew 7:15-20

A false prophet is someone who says they are a follower of Jesus but in reality are not. In today’s society there are many people who claim to be ‘Christian’ but when you look a bit deeper you find that they are not.

Ok so how can you tell whether they are false? Jesus said all you need to do is look at the fruit they produce. Now that doesnt mean you have to find people who have literal fruit growing from them. It means you need to have a look at how they act and live their lives. If they are followers of Jesus then over time it will be clear from their actions. If they are not it will also be clear from their actions.

I also believe that their life and words will line up with what the bible says, if they contradict it then I would watch out.

This is also a challenge for everyone that claims to be a Christian, are you following Jesus, does you life and the way you live reflect that!

In Jesus’ evaluation, the Pharisees were obviously producing bad fruit; the only thing to do with bad trees is to cut them down and destroy them. If they do not fulfill their purpose for existence, they should be removed. As believers, as Christians we have a purpose, it’s revealed through the bible, we are to follow Christ and become all He has called us to be. We have nothing to worry about if our focus is on Him.

Perhaps you have strayed away and need to come back to the purpose that God has called you to. You can do that, just come before God, apologise for straying and ask Him to lead you into the life of purpose that He has for you. Perhaps you have never made that decision to follow Christ, you can do that today. Just ask God for forgiveness for living life your way and not His way, accept that Jesus died for you on the cross to deal with your disobedience and believe that He rose again. Once you have done that have a read of Luke’s Gospel in the New Testament bit of the bible. It maps out how Jesus came, Why he came and what He did for us.

May you watch out for those that say they follow Jesus but in reality are not, may you continue to follow Him and allow His purpose for your life consume you.

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