The Kingdom?

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I have started reading Luke, a chapter a day. I like the book of Luke because it was written by an investigative reporter type of person and this was done for a guy called Theophilus. He wanted to get everyone’s views on what had happened and put it together in a book.

I wanted to share my thoughts from Chapter one. There are many thoughts that you can draw from this Chapter. The fact that the angel declared to Mary who her son would be. In verse 33, Gabriel talks about Jesus becoming King, His reign is forever and His kingdom will be everlasting.

For me this reminds us of the position that Jesus should take in our lives, a king rules over his subjects and his subjects submit. As a Christian, someone who recognises Jesus as king I am more than happy to submit.

When you look at the dictionary for the definition of the word ‘kingdom’ you find: anything conceived as constituting a realm or sphere of independent action or control.

The word kingdom is used a lot throughout the new testament and especially by Jesus. For me this speaks of a new way of living, a different way of doing things, with Jesus as the head and us as His subjects we can demonstrate the way in which we are to live.

This is exciting, this is life changing, but have some of us missed it? Are we living as Jesus has called us to live or have we been caught up, distracted, un-submitted (to Jesus) and began to misrepresent the kingdom that Jesus has called us to live?

May we remember what Jesus has called us to, may we submit to the King of kings, may we live as we are called to live, may we not miss the point or misrepresent.

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