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At church we have been going through a series on Grace, its been good to look at what grace means. It’s fundamental to what we believe as Christians. We can often forget that. And start trying to make things happen in our own strength.

The Grace God has given us is something we don’t deserve and cannot earn. We simply receive it when we believe in Jesus Christ.

As you may have read in previous blogs I totally believe that God wants us to live different lives to those around us, I believe we are called to lead the way. You see not only are we to receive the Grace of God but it also inspires us to give it away.

In Luke’s gospel Chapter 11 verses 2 to 4 Jesus teaches us to pray. Within this He says to ask for forgiveness for the things that we have done wrong just as We forgive those that have wronged us.

I believe we are called to forgive not only the people who say sorry, but also those that don’t. I believe we are called to show Grace to all. And by this people will know that we walk with God. It’s hard, its difficult and it can be painful but we have Jesus As the ultimate example on the cross, forgiving those that didn’t deserve it even to The point of death.

Lord as we seek you, as We seek to receive your Grace will you help us show Grace to those around us.

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