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In Western culture we have packaged Jesus into a cosy, cuddly figure that makes us feel happy inside. Although Jesus does give us joy and make us happy, we can often miss the Jesus that we see in Johns vision (Revelation 1:9-20)

This is a Jesus that we can be in awe of. The Jesus that when he speaks his voice is so mighty that the only way it can be described is that of a trumpet. The Jesus that when seen by John caused him to hit the deck in absolute amazement and respect. The king of kings. The beginning and the end. Yes someone we can have a relationship with and at the same time God, the creator of all that we see.

 Can you remember the last time it was a sunny day, and you caught a glimpse of the sun, it almost blinded you. To the point where you have spots on your eyes for a few minutes. Those moments reminds us of how powerful the sun really is, something that we take easily take for granted.

Well John had a similar experience when he was face to face with Jesus. His face the sun shining in full strength. It’s a reminder not to take Jesus for granted!

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