Everyone is family

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I love the first two verses of 1 Timothy Chapter 4.

Do not rebuke an older man, but exhort him as a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, with all purity.

This really highlights what our attitude to those around us should be. It’s the everyone is family attitude. Looking at the world around us through those eyes totally changes how we treat those around us. We treat the older man and woman with respect. To be honest that’s something that our society tends to miss so often. Growing up im afraid I had a completely different attitude towards the elderly.

It may sound silly but it wasn’t until I watched the tv series ‘band of brothers’ did I truly appreciate the sacrifices that past generations made for me. And that’s the truth. Past generations have worn the paths for us, taken risks, some have paid off, others have ended in failure and destruction. But we can learn from them and continue to lead the way for the future generations.

Paul is challenging us to respect the older generation and treat them like family. It doesn’t end there because he challenges us to treat the younger men as brothers. This is a real challenge to make sure that we take the next generation under our wings, look after them, lead by example and make sacrifices for them. Again its the everyone is family attitude.

When Paul mentions treating the younger women as sisters he puts a bolt on comment that must not be ignored and can easily be looked over. The comment ‘with all purity’ a challenge for all the men here, those that are dating or looking to date, the goal is not selfish pleasure-seeking but ALL PURITY! I feel the need to challenge the women here as well. The goal when you’re dating is not selfish pleasure-seeking but ALL PURITY!

Let’s live a life full of the attitudes, mindset of everyone is family.

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