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I have just returned from Newday 2012 a youth camp for 12-19 year olds.

There has been some amazing teaching.

I have seen many healing’s take place, not just on the stage but also within our group. One of the most significant healing’s was a person that was deaf from birth receiving his hearing again. That’s something you can’t make up. They always have healing’s from the previous year give account of their healing and with Doctors reports. We also saw 100’s of people commit to following Jesus. In my travels I come across many people who say the bible is irrelevant and untrue. But when you see these things with your own eyes you cant help but get excited. You want to shout from the roof tops he I knew it, I knew it. God is on the move. The question is will we move with Him, will we take that step and live for Him.

Why not visit the Newday website and have a look for yourself http://newdaygeneration.org/blog

I can’t wait until next year. But also look forward to continuing to live this 24/7

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