The Father heart of God

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I was walking into the city centre one summer morning. I love to walk along the river on sunny mornings. There is something about it that makes me smile. Perhaps its the beauty of creation speaking to me of our awesome creator.

I usually listen to a preach on my phone or read something. But recently i have had such a hunger for Father God, i felt led just to talk to Him. I shared my struggles, my feelings and then spoke in tongues.

As i was doing this a father and son rode by. The path i had chosen to walk was a mixture of pedestrian and bikes. What was beautiful to see was the Father had decided to use the path as a safe place to train his son to ride his bike as if he were on the road. He was explaining to him what to do and feeding back to him on his position to the curb and the road. He was affirming him when he was doing a good job and gently correcting him when needed. It was a joy to see.

The moment didn’t last long before they had rode into the distance. At that moment i heard Father God say, that’s the relationship i want with you. To be close, to guide and instruct you, to affirm and encourage you. A Fatherly relationship.

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