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I really felt that with this month’s thoughts God wants to build faith within us all, that will lead us into new levels of encounter. Both Tim and I went to a Catalyst Network leader’s day, where we had the privilege of being in 2 sessions led by Alan Scott, leader of Causeway Coast Vineyard church in Northern Ireland. He brought with him Mark Marx, the person that launched Healing on the streets (HOTS).

I found both sessions that Alan took to be very impacting. I felt God really challenge me to raise my faith to see amazing miracles take place outside of the church. You see that’s how HOTS started, going onto the streets and offering to pray for people. Since 2005 Causeway church has been out in their town centre every Saturday. Last year alone as a church they saw over 2300 people ask Jesus into their lives.

They as a church have made the decision to seek kingdom advance in all areas of life, outside of the church walls. In schools, businesses, workplace and the streets. As they have done this they have seen incredible breakthroughs. I don’t have enough space to share all of them here. They have seen 2 whole schools give their lives to Christ, the police force partnering with them, criminals transform so much that judges are amazed, terminal illness healed. All this off the back of wanting to see Kingdom advance outside of the church walls, to bless the county they are in. We also have a vision to reach our city and county.

We want to see 500 people call CLC their home, to see 3 more churches planted in our county within the next 4 years. We recognise that only God can do this, and I believe this comes from you and I making the decision to see kingdom advance through our lives, wherever we go! To decide to listen for His voice and obey. To step out and pray for those that need it, wherever we are, school, college, work, in the supermarket. Whatever, wherever, whenever.

Danny Elson

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