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Recently I have been pondering the greatness of God. It’s so popular and accessible for us as Christians to talk and think about the love of God, the mercy and grace of God, the sacrifice and the friendship. And all of these are right of course! They are important attributes of our amazing God. They are what make Him feel close and they are often how we can begin to access and understand Him – and He wants that.

But what about the glory of God? The splendour and the majesty of God? The justice? The holiness (the ‘otherness’)? The might and the strength? The wonder and the mystery? God is magnificent! He is stunning in a way we can not even imagine! The Trinity makes Him even more incredible. I once heard someone describe us trying to explain and understand the Trinity as a world that existed only in 2 dimensions trying to understand what a cube was! You just can’t! It’s beyond everything that you have ever experienced or imagined.

I love that about God! I love that He is beyond me in every way and so so soooo infinitely ‘better’ than me in every way and YET(!!!) He chooses to love ME. He chooses to call ME. He chooses to stoop down to converse with broken me, to guide and lead me, to instruct me, to discipline me, to forgive me. Oh what a humbling revelation! Oh what a glorious God!

When the prophet Isaiah saw God on His throne, he said “Woe to me! I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.” When John the disciple saw Christ in glory in heaven, he “fell at His feet as though dead”. And the list goes on.

God IS relational. He IS our friend. He IS merciful and kind and gentle and the very definition of love. But let’s not forget that He is also utterly splendid and holy and mighty. He is wonderfully worthy of our worship. His glory is greater than my best, most extravagant thought! His might is greater than my toughest obstacle; His love, grace and mercy, greater than my most shameful sin. He is bigger and better than it all! What a God! What comfort that THIS is who we worship!

Tozer said “It is my opinion that the Christian conception of God … is so decadent as to be utterly beneath the dignity of the Most High God and actually to constitute for professed believers something amounting to a moral calamity … The essence of idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him.” Oh that my thoughts would be worthy of Him!

Lana Silk

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