In October a group of 16 us toured Israel; visiting many Biblical sites. We walked the shores of Galilee as Jesus and His disciples did two thousand years ago. We visited Capernaum where the Lord performed many miracles and we prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. We stood on Mount Carmel, where Elijah contested with the prophets of Baal, walked the Temple Mount and shared communion at the Garden Tomb. A highlight, among many, was when Laurence was baptised in the Jordan and three visiting Nigerians came down into the river to be baptised by Pastor Frank and Pastor Kanute.

We did all this and much more and I think all who went would agree that it was well worth visiting. If you get the chance to go, I’m sure it will be an experience you will neither regret nor forget.

Israel is a land of contrasts where the past, present and future come together. We were immediately taken by the history of the place and the way archaeology is confirming, time and again, the literal truth of the Bible. We felt the tension of the present troubles and sensed that the words of the prophets have been, are being and will be fulfilled. And we were struck by just how close we are to Jesus’ return.

But, above all, we came away with the realisation that God had been with us, blessing us all the way. This is a message, I think, to keep in mind through this new-year. We don’t know all that 2016 will hold, but of this we can be sure, God is always, ALWAYS, with us, protecting and blessing His children.

May He bless and keep you as you walk through 2016 with Him.

In the Messiah.

Gareth Hammond (and the Israel trippers).


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