The Power of Blessing

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On Sunday, Tim spoke about the importance of declaring blessings. I think this is an area we neglect. Those people who have attended the retreat in Ffald-Y-Brenin in Wales will know how much importance they place on speaking out blessing. If you read the book (The Grace Outpouring) it is really powerful and stories are told of how the locality and community is blessed. I have practised this at various times. Not so long back I declared blessings on a member of my family in their personal and work life. Not long after this, this person gained a promotion and then subsequently a pay rise. We can speak blessings out over our family – it doesn’t matter if they are saved or not – God wants to bless and he is a good God. We can speak blessings out over ourselves, our work situations, the area where we live and of course our church. Imagine what it would be like if this was a constant habit for us a church, it would be astounding. When you declare a blessing in your situation, don’t forget to stand back and ‘join the dots’. Be alert to the positive changes you see, thank God and carry on blessing other people. Keep calm and carry on blessing!

Frank Price

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