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These are the words of a song I wrote at a time when I was asking God to help me forgive someone for what I considered was an unjustified hurt that they had caused me. I know it’s wrong to hold resentment against someone, and as a general rule I feel I’m a fairly easy going person and I try not to take things too  much to heart. The thing is, the hurt I felt was not caused by a major wrong, but by something that the vast majority of folk would just shrug off. Anyway, I’m working my way through things regarding how I’m dealing with it and, yes, I’m going to come out the other side a better and more forgiving person than the one who took offence, maybe too seriously this time……….

(a song/poem about forgiveness)

I can hold my friend to ransom just for hurting me,

I can lock him in the deepest cell, and throw away the key

I can haul him down the railway line and bind him to the track 

Or sail him off to Patmos, so the hot sun sears his back 

Tie a noose around his neck and drag him to the gantry,

Then I’ll have my freedom,….. but the chains still strangle me.

I have bound my friend up tightly, but he still walks free

I’ve shot him half a dozen times, but the bullets all hit me

The fault’s not mine but his, and it’s so clear to see

I thought I’d won this battle, but there’s no victory

The wounds I have are festering and cause intolerable pain.

But should I just forgive him? ……Are there blessings here to gain.?

I cast my mind to Jesus, as He hung on that cross,

He gave His life to save us, at immeasurable cost.

The words He spoke to Father then, I can say too

“Father, please forgive them for they know not what they do”

To hold a grudge against my friend, will only cause me harm

So as I now forgive him…….. my mind and soul become calm

God bless you all,


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