Brazil Day 3

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We had a later start in the morning, met at one of the church plants in the city, a new building opposite the most popular parks. We took water, instruments and leaflets advertising the new church.

It was a very hot day, a bank holiday here in Brazil, there were many people in The park. We sang English worship songs which attracted a crowd. We handed out leaflets to people gave them water.

After a while we walked around the park singing, giving out leaflets, water and free hugs, it was amazing many people received the hugs openly.

We had the afternoon with our hosts, they took us to an icecream bar, loads of flavors more than I have ever seen, cheese flavor! Yes I know very strange, I tried some and have to say it was awful.

We went to a pub in The city, played pool, they have some strange rules, I met a dj called Gabriel, he seemed very cool, apparently he is very good, he does big parties in The church, he knows. I beat him twice at pool.

We also met an ex drag queen, they call them lady boys here. He has recently come to Christ and is being discipled by the dj, God is so amazing, how he puts different people together to walk and journey in faith.

I have the dentist tomorrow as my tooth broke. Followed by a big day. Hope to find wifi soon

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