Brazil Day 4

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Today we started early.

I started the day at The dentist as my tooth broke, the care was amazing.

We went to a creche at another one of the central churches many church plants called, vigilato. It has a day creche which is open from 7am until 5. They have over 75 kids a day. The parents don’t pay, the local council and church help with funds.

We then went to another creche that also doubles up as a church. Overall the church look after 500 kids from 1 to 3 years old. They gave us a lovely lunch and A small gift. Very special moment.

We then visited 2 hospitals run by the church, it is no small feat, with over 2000 people a day being seen from gp appointments to emergencey trauma. I was amazed by the scale of work the church do to meet the needs of the community. If only the uk government would allow the church to help back home.

We finished the day at a local shopping complex which for me was not so good. Lol

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