Brazil Day 5

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We started the day at The centre for ministry Sal da terra church central.

We were shown Sal Tv, Sal music, ccac, epi extensiva and missionary house. Was an eye opening experience, there are many ministries running out of the centre, they have a small space but use it well. They said that they don’t have the best equipment but will do their best with what they have rather than complain saying we cannot do it until we have the best equipment. They feel it is better to do something well with what they have than nothing at all.

We had a look around the mission house where Jason is going to be staying whilst in Brazil.

We then jumped on our minibus to visit a social action project called cooking for life. This project trains people in how to be a chef and how to wait on tables. After being on the course they can then get jobs, they have found that everyone that completes the course get jobs as companies approach the ministry for workers. The cafe is open to the public. Kid food was good and great value for money. It was extremely busy.

We then went back to the central church for an afternoon blessing service.

After the service we had a few hours before visiting another church plant in an area called hope. I will blog about this later…

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