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Tonight we visited a church that was planted in a dangerous area, a place where the police would only go if they were in big number.

We took part in the service and they danced for us, we were also blessed with a samba performance, both Tracys danced with them.

We then went for a walk, we visited a man and his wife who because of their addiction to crack live in a make shift house. We all went in and talked, we met a guy who has also got am addiction there called Douglas. We had the honor of praying for all those in the house.

Walking to our next place we met a guy who had some crack in his hand, he was going to the church but had fallen back into addiction, he was very open with us about his struggles.

The church in the neighbourhood was founded through hiphop artists going and sharing their faith. T.e first house group was held in a drug dealers house, people were coming for drugs, only to be told, there are no drugs tonight we are having home group.

We went on to an area where the church were doing an outreach, samba being played, hotdogs and drink being handed out. A large group had gathered and a drama was performed, it was very powerful and thought provoking.

It was late and many very young children were out without parents. We met a lady that had just got out of prison and found out she has ages, it makes me sad because she must be in her mid 30s with children, she now attends the church and I know that she will be looked after, just such a waste of life and potential.

Overall such a life changing experience and an eye opener to how easy we have it . Please pray for them.

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