Brazil day 6 Part one

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Today was a chance to recharge our batteries. We spent from 10am til 5pm at a place called beach park. A massive complex with many swimming pools, slides, sports activities and cafes. I estimate it must be almost a square mile in size.

It was good to recharge ready for a continued busy schedule. What amazes me is the gap between the rich and poor here. Also the sacrifice the middle class make in cost to maintain a western life style.  £100 for a Manchester united football top. Nike shoes for £220, almost every shop will allow you to pay in installments. People will pay for it over 6 to 12 months.

When Tracy came here almost 10 years ago it was 8 to the pound and things were cheaper, its now 2.4 and things are more expensive. I wanted a simple tshirt that would cost 7 to 10 in the UK, it was over 20 pounds.

Tonight we are going to a high school so will let you know how that goes.

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