Brazil punk worship night

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We went to a heavy metal church, they recently got a new building. The people were painted more than the walls.

Very welcomed when we arrived.

Anything goes during worship, it wasn’t as heavy as I expected. At first I watched to see how they do it. Then Tim, Jason and I joined in. We went crazy jumping, kicking the air and pushing each other around, I believe they call it moshing but a mild version.

It was great to see people expressing their love for God in a music style that they love. Not being squeezed into a mould of our choosing but being who they are.

They then took up an offering and beat boxed and whistled whilst people came forward. It was fun.

A guy got up and preached the bible. He spoke in a relaxed way in language that the people understand.

He challenged us to look at our own life and see how we match up to the life of Mary in luke 10, hearing and doing the word of God. Or are we like Martha, she didn’t hear Gods word and she ended up losing the purpose. She worked and missed the point.
It’s not about us doing things our way, but it is about doing things Gods way.

It’s not about being religious. Listen and open your heart before God. Let’s sit at the feet of Jesus and hear what he is saying.

The last song was a heavy song, I enjoyed it. Overall a different but good experience.

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