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In the evening we went along to the main church here in the city. This is led by Marcos, he lived in Hereford for a while many years ago.

The church is very much like clc however they have a lot more people and most turn up half way through the worship lol.

The church led worship which was amazing. We then got to share testimony, Naomi shared and was used by God to really encourage the church. Richard and Jenny spoke. We sang a song in English and the dance group danced. It was an emotional time as it was the last time we would do something like this on th trip.

Tim preached followed by Paulo junior, we prayed for each other and The meeting closed.

We then said our goodbyes making plans for The trip back to England.

The trip has taught us many things and has inspired many of us. Now as we head home we all need to seek God in how it translates to our culture. For some it will be raising money for projects, for others it will be starting projects in England and for a few it will be making plans to return for long or short stays in Brazil.

Many of us have lots of stories to tell and I know over time you will hear them. Bless you for keeping in touch.

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