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The Story series we are doing as a Church started me thinking about the beginning of time. I have spent wondrous moments pondering upon God’s timelessness. I have often gone to bed trying to wrap my head around God in forever… Imagining that the Bible could start something like this: In the forever God lit the candle of time…. In the beginning God said let there be light…

I started to think how could I picture my understanding of time??

This is one idea I had:

Imagine this….Time could be like a box-set of DVDs. I remember box-sets I’ve owned and see the one left on my shelf at home, and imagine that God is holding a box-set of my whole life, your whole life, in his hand; able to see the end and the beginning within seconds just by putting that particular DVD on. Just as many of us can know the beginning and ending of the 10 years’ of Friend’s, (yes that’s the one on my shelf!), and can quote bits from the middle too! He can watch it all in one go, like a Tracy marathon, over and over if He so desired.

I can see him laughing at the funny bits, crying at the sad bits, wincing at the crucial, poignant decision to sin and knowing the weakness of my flesh. Rejoicing in my triumphs, comforting me in my grief and pain as he holds my hand while we watch it together in eternity.

I love how this boggles my mind! My God is an awesome God and these thoughts of time and timelessness only make me wonder more at the unfathomable reaches of His great character and power.

To wonder at the one who was slain before the foundation of the world, before time began God died…then he stepped into time and lived as a man… Coming out of the timeless glory into the confines of matter and time. He became a baby! Helpless, dependant… Absolutely incomprehensible if I truly wonder at this fact! This King of kings… Came to live as one of us and die in a moment of time… Reflecting the top story of eternity and his sacrifice outside of time because he is both timeless and confined to time (brain boggling again!). To live again in resurrected power, and to one day come back for His bride, His Church. My mind cannot help but wonder if we could really live believing we have already made it…? His word tells us we are already seated in heavenly places Eph 2:6 If He, being outside of the confines of time, lives with us, His bride in eternity?? Is that too much to grasp? he is the Great I Am, always present, is He present at every moment of time…?

Tracy Elson

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