DAY FIVE: Developing a rule of life

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Have you gotten so used to filling the silence?

That it’s uncomfortable to do anything else?

In today’s hustle and bustle, we have grown far too used to noise.

Whether we be in a coffee shop, walking through high town, at home or in church. It seems we have just pushed out silence. To the point, that when we encounter it, we run from it or try to fill it with something.

I have found silence a challenge in my life. It’s almost impossible for me to experience it completely being a tinnitus sufferer. However, it is possible to get to a place where my mind stops rushing, where I just sit and focus on the Fathers love for me.

There are times my boys like to come and just sit on my lap. I love it! I embrace it, because only too quickly will they stop that as they get older. I believe that as Christians, it’s important to spend time sat on Father Gods lap. I believe sitting down and pausing is a time that we can do this.

It’s something that takes time to get used to. It may start with a 1 minute time and grow from there. I have read a few mindful blogs and books over the years, yes that’s right! Is that unChristian, not at all. It’s important to understand different perspectives and movements.

Mindfulness is not a new craze! In fact, peace originates from Father GOD. A peace that goes well beyond any understanding. Today’s mindfulness is about emptying our mind, and they say that is when we can experience truth. However, I believe true mindfulness comes from Father God and being completely confident in HIS love for us. It comes from spending time with HIM. And one of the many ways to do this is to stop, rest, and wait upon HIM.

So why not find your favourite seat in the house, in the garden, in the hot tub, down the park or in a field. And sit and wait upon the LORD. Say something like ‘Father GOD, I am here and just want to hang out with you’. See how you feel, build upon that. You may find HE releases amazing peace over and in you. He may drop in your thought, the very thing you need for that moment, He may speak encouragement over you. Let’s see what happens as you give HIM quality time.

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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