DAY TEN: Developing a rule of life

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I had a very quick chat with Jason Marrett the other day, I enjoy our chats, we really do bounce off each other well when it comes to talking about church and faith.

I shared some of my thoughts that day on forming a way of life. How I have found it lacking in the Charismatic/evangelical stream of Christianity. That the CofE and Catholic streams seem to be leading the way in this. And how I feel that we need to find our way of life also.

What came out of the conversation was really quite interesting. In the end, we both felt that we need to find a rhythm in our journeys with God, that it’s more like a dance. We allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead, and we follow. There are many different dances to choose from, but in the end, the Holy Spirit will help us find ours.

Continuing that analogy for a moment, I have found that a lot of the issues I face on my journey is that I can easily use my self-reliance to lead me, meaning that I am dancing in the dark on my own. When involving the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead, I am dancing in the light and being led in the right direction.

So today’s question perhaps challenges if you like is:

Are you allowing Holy Spirit to lead you in the journey, the dance of faith?

Psalm 143:10

Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Romans 8:14

For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

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